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Although I didn’t get the chance to try the Jura out in bigger surf, it paddled well in moderate chop, and I must say that it made me think about my P&H Delphin 150; of course, it’s not the same boat, but it has certain similarities that I loved about it.

You’ll get a rock solid, manoeuvrable, and stiff, British style sea kayak which you will enjoy for years! Check out the Jura MV in action below: Happy Paddling with much love, Sonja The British public have spoken, and they’ve elected to leave the European Union.However, this won’t last; although we manufacture all of our products in the UK, many of the raw materials and much of the packaging are oil-based, and as oil is traded in Dollars, the cost of these is sure to rise in the next few months once our pre-agreed contract pricing comes to an end.If you’re asking yourself, ‘Is now the right time to buy a kayak?Those that have followed me on Facebook will know I have my own version of Godwin’s law (referring to how in the early days of internet forums it was only a matter of time before all threads reached a mention of the Nazis or Hitler, or in the case of Sot P, airbags).I now had my own version, Goodwin’s law where at numerous points of an unrelated thread, folk would tell me that my daughter would like a pink canoe.

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I joined them on their first Sea Kayak Training Camp recently and was able to test the Venture Jura MV extensively for the whole, five-day duration of the camp in a wide variety of techniques, rescues, scenarios, boat control methods, steering strokes, and support strokes.

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